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Court begins trial against influencer Thiago Schutz for threatening women

The influencer was indicted by the Public Prosecutor in March; TJSP has scheduled a hearing for Nov. 9

The influencer Thiago Schutz will be tried for the crimes of threats and psychological violence against Bruna Volpi and Livia La Gatto on November 9th.

This was stated by the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo. Paulo, the hearing is set for 4.30 pm and the trial continues in secret.

In March, the Public Prosecutor of São Paulo denounced the digital influencer Thiago Schutz, known as “Calvo do Campari”, and informed that he could also be accused of the crime of psychological violence against women.

The accusation refers to an event that occurred at the end of February, when Thiago, owner of the Manual Red Pill Brasil profile, went viral with a video in which he exemplifies the alleged manipulation of a woman who offers beer to a man who drinks Campari – from hence the nickname “Coach do Campari” or “Calvo do Campari”. On the networks, the podcast excerpt raised discussion about fragile masculinity, as well as memes and satire.

Among these, the video of the comedian and actress Livia La Gatto, who, without naming names, made fun of the misogynistic (hatred of women) speeches of “masculinity coaches”. Schutz then reacted with a “lawsuit or bullet” speech, intending for the post to be deleted. According to what the deputy declared, he also sent threatening messages to Bruna Volpim who had published material about him.

Livia represented the influencer criminally and was questioned by the Civil Police of São Paulo, who opened an investigation in the 27th Police District. On social media, Schutz said he was misunderstood and that he was incapable of shooting someone.

Estadão contacted Bruna Volpi, who expressed her expectations regarding the process. “I hope that justice is done and that he pays for the crime he committed. I really hope so. Not only for the case itself, but because it serves as an example. Besides me, many other women are threatened on a daily basis. It is necessary that this guy of conduct is taken seriously and that criminals start to, in fact, be punished so that they no longer feel so comfortable threatening us for the certainty of impunity,” he said.

Estadão also contacted Thiago Schutz and Livia La Gatto, but has so far received no response. The space remains open.

Regarding the association with Campari, the Campari Group sent the following statement to Estadão. “The Campari Group, due to the events involving the name of the company, informs that it does not have, and has never had, any type of relationship, bond or contact with Thiago Schutz. Campari stands in solidarity with all the women affected by the events, and declares that it vehemently rejects any kind of prejudice or violence,” the statement reads.

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