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Bruna Guerin is attacked for “ending” Sandy and Lucas Lima’s marriage

Actress Bruna Guerin became the target of attacks on social media this Tuesday (26/9) after being identified as the key to the separation between Sandy and Lucas Lima. The couple announced on Monday (9/25) the end of their nearly 24-year relationship. Guerin recently starred in the musical “Once” alongside Lucas Lima, fueling speculation among Sandy fans.

The friendship between the cast members attracted attention, especially after Lucas Lima left enthusiastic comments in several of Guerin’s publications. “Few people have deserved so much in the history of the world. You are exceptional, comrade,” wrote the musician regarding her nomination for the Bibi Ferreira Award. Furthermore, in presentations made on TV and Internet programs to promote the musical, many comments indicated “a vibe” between the two.

During rehearsals for the show, Lucas even left his home with Sandy in Campinas to be alone in Sao Paulo.

Public reactions

The theories went viral and resulted in mostly negative social media comments towards Guerin. “I came to congratulate you for destroying Sandy’s marriage,” said one Internet user on the actress’s profile. Another commented: “He was the one watching knowing he was married. This thing of a married man praising his work friend is not nice! Disrespect for his wife.”

Separation announcement

Sandy and Lucas Lima announced their separation in a joint message on Instagram. “It was not an easy decision, nor an impulsive one. It was practically 24 years of relationship and 15 years of marriage. With ups and downs, sometimes happier, sometimes less, but always whole and willing to do our best. And we did,” they said. The couple has a son, Theo, born in 2014 and now 9 years old.

The musical “Once”, with Bruna Guerin and Lucas Lima, will return to the stage in January next year.

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