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Jealousy? Gustavo Mioto speaks and explains the real reason for the breakup with Ana Castela: ‘I didn’t want it’

Singer Gustavo Mioto opens his heart and gives details of the end of his relationship with singer Ana Castela

Singer Gustavo Mioto He opened his heart and revealed the details of his breakup with singer Ana Castela. In an interview on the Venus podcast, she denied rumors that jealousy ruined the relationship.

“Breakups are difficult, I know. Sometimes we have to close cycles that we didn’t want to end, we have to close cycles in which we thought the ball was bigger, but unfortunately it happens. I therefore want to thank all the affection from the people of yesterday. Unfortunately, in this crazy life we ​​lead, there are people around us who fight against the happiness of others, and where there is light, darkness appears”, declared the compatriot.

Mioto assured that there were no arguments and that the end of the relationship came after many conversations. “Those were really different times. And a message to the people who I already know who I am, who have sent information to you know who: I already know who I am and I don’t start arguments with anyone, but congratulations, you have managed to access a side of me that I don’t like to show anyone. And knowing who you are, I pray hard for your happiness, because your life is too sad to fight against something that was good“he reported.

No jealousy!

The owner of “Solteiro Não Trai” denied rumors that he was very jealous of the cowboy. “I didn’t suspect it, her character is intact, her family is incredible, they raised her very well. So I never doubted it, I couldn’t be jealous”he vented.

I pray a lot for myself, I pray a lot every day for Ana Flavia and her family. I’m so grateful for everything they did for me, her family welcomed me like a son into their home, it was really amazing of them. Ana is amazing, there’s not much to say about her, everyone who knows her loves her. So, I guess all I have to say is this. Now it’s time to get on with life, focus on work, and hope everyone is safe.“, he concluded.

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