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Samara Felippo causes controversy when she talks about motherhood: ‘I don’t like the role of mother’

Mother of two little girls, actress Samara Felippo divides opinions when she makes a controversial outburst about motherhood

The actress Samara Philip she made an outburst about motherhood that divided opinions. In an interview with Theorapia Podcast, She opened her heart and said she doesn’t like being a mother.

“I don’t like the role of mother, but this does not invalidate my motherhood and the unconditional love I feel for my daughters and everything I dedicate and have dedicated to them. For me it is taboo to say it”, began Samara, mother of Alicia AND Lara.

And he continued: “I didn’t like waking up early, I didn’t like getting pregnant, I didn’t like my blemished skin and I didn’t like putting my career on hold.”

Watch an excerpt of the interview!

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