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‘Clearly slimmer’, Jojo Todynho poses in a tight yellow dress that highlights her body and sends an important message on social media

Once again showing off her photos showing her body in the process of losing weight after undergoing bariatric surgery, Jojo Todynho posed in front of the mirror in a tight yellow dress and sent an important message to her followers. Watch!

Jojo Todynho rocked it once again when he appeared on social media, this Monday (20th), in a tight yellow dress that highlighted his your body in the weight loss process After undergo bariatric surgery in August this year. The singer who glowed in an all-white look during an outing during an international trip She also took the opportunity to send an important message to her followers and was much appreciated on the web.

Jojo Todynho appears “clearly slimmer” in a fitted look

The artist who sensualized in a strapless black dress a few days ago She showed she is much slimmer when she shared a photo on social media of herself in front of the mirror wearing a yellow ribbed midi dress with spaghetti straps. The tight dress drew attention to her body silhouette, which is very different from her lost more than 26 kg after undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

Jojo Todynho sends an important message on Black Awareness Day

It doesn’t stop here! The diva who she showed off her slim body in a swimsuit with a daring cutout took advantage of the commitment to send an important message to his fans, on Black Awareness Day. “Don’t become aware of your prejudices only on November 20,” she began.

“Try to study and don’t talk about the pain you don’t feel. Don’t use your opinion without a place to speak. Take a racial literacy class with Ricardo Tassilo, Tia Má, Marcele Oliver, Dandara Barbosa and Luana Safire,” he wrote in the caption, tagging the influencers….

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