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After the controversy, Manoel Soares reveals: ‘My son only started talking after I left Globo’

After leaving Rede Globo involved in controversies with Patrícia Poeta, presenter Manoel Soares experiences a new moment in life

After leaving Rede Globo involved in controversy with Patricia Poetthe host Manoel Soares is at a new stage in his career, having founded a daily news portal.

In a conversation with columnist Valmir Moratelli, he revealed how his life is going with this “post-Globo”: “I saw this period as a job. And, when we analyze it from a context other than the professional one, in particular, it becomes very painful.”

He continued: “There was a part where everything that was written, lies, bothered me, still bothers me today. What after a while I began to understand is that I had to invest in my mental health. That helped me a lot in this process I was connecting more with my young children.”

“An important bond with my children Jezael AND Ezekiel it was no longer done. What I will say is so powerful that I am moved… A month and a half after leaving Globo, my son Ezequiel, a non-verbal autistic child, began to speak. Leaving my job bonded me to these children, strengthening them in a place that was magical to me.”finished.

I wait:

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