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Linn da Quebrada says Silvio Santos owes trans people an apology

For the singer, the SBT presenter has “assiduous contribution in dehumanizing and acting with such pleasure in maintaining violence and pain”

On Wednesday, 22nd, Linn from Quebrada responded to a netizen on Twitter who praised the fact that Silvio Santos has been bringing trans people to his show since the 1980s. The original tweet was shared in early June and included a video. of the presenter of SBT, in which she received Miss Trans Internacional Ava Simões in her program.

At the time Silvio also took the opportunity to ask questions about transgenderism, he was even praised by Ava herself and on social networks for having “taught a class” of acceptance.

The singer raised the tweet and stressed that, contrary to what many say, Silvio Santos and other media “should apologize for the disservice and for the assiduous contribution in dehumanizing and, acting with such pleasure in maintaining the violence and pain” .

In the same comment, Linn pointed out that the host has already embarrassed and mocked Roberta Close, one of the first trans personalities in Brazil to publicly speak on the topic on national television.

“I believe and feel that it is necessary that not only him, but many communication professionals, perceive the systematic effort in creating a social imaginary, on national television, which has worked very well to make them laugh in the face of the trauma of hurting and dehumanizing us. while we laugh, “wrote the former BBB.

Lina took the opportunity to clarify that she was not referring only to Silvio Santos and that it is a much broader discourse: “First of all I am talking about the television institute that has worked very well and for a long time to keep the violent spectacle of hurting us while we laugh. A much broader conversation that doesn’t justify the prices of everything. “

One internet user said that, in his opinion, Silvio Santos “contributed more than he did wrong” because he made room for trans people at a more difficult time. Lina immediately responded and said that people are very “conniving with yours”.

“I will not discuss, nor will I measure the quantity, nor am I interested in making it a matter for him or for the other. But of the role they play and in and with the media, who have created and maintained a pact that still has its effects”, he replied .

Another Internet user replied to Linn from Quebrada and said that “there comes a time when we realize that trying to counter this prejudice against his generation is useless.” “Because they are older, they think they are more knowledgeable in this regard. Suffering is inevitable, but the struggle to enlighten the new generation is essential,” wrote the follower.

“It’s not useless because it’s not about them. It’s not about convincing and uniting. It’s for me. I can’t and I don’t want to now, allow this idea to take root, crystallize and be moved. I’m tired, we are, all of them. But no, I will tire less by accepting that suffering is inevitable, “wrote Linn from Quebrada.

Source: Terra

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