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Producer of “Tender May” Andrey Razin commented on the death of Yuri Shatunov



This morning it became known about the death of the soloist of the group “Tender May” Yuri Shatunov. For the past few years, the singer has been suing the group’s former producer Andrei Razin for the rights to perform the band’s songs. In June of this year, shortly before his death, the court ruled in favor of the musician and allowed him to perform the legendary hits of the group at his concerts. It is known that the producer was dissatisfied with the verdict and intended to appeal it.

On Tuesday, June 21, Razin wrote on his blog that Shatunov would not be able to “win back” the songs from him, since they belong to the copyright holders from America, where the band’s name is registered. He also stressed that Shatunov would not be able to perform with the work of “Tender May”.

Now the Shatunov team is spreading lies. For copyright holders, these decisions cannot have any legal force. Therefore, except for Russia, Shatunov will not be able to perform either on the Internet or abroad, since all rights are protected by US law. Shatunov is waiting for the huge claims that the copyright holders will present him, – Razin wrote.

However, today, shortly after the news of the death of the singer, Razin deleted this post and published another one with condolences:

The sad news has arrived. We had a multifaceted relationship with him. Both good and sometimes difficult. We were even cousins. It is these relationships that are called “life”. Unfortunately, his short, but bright life was cut short at a new stage in his career. I express my most sincere condolences to Yura’s family and friends. Kingdom of heaven to him!

Andrei Razin and Yuri Shatunov with his wife and son

Source: Hellomagazine



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