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Duda Nagle’s girlfriend likes controversial comments and the web indirectly sees Sabrina Sato

Michele Balsamão and Sabrina’s ex started dating last Saturday, the 10th


Michele Balsamão liked a comment seen as a dig at Sabrina Sato, Duda Nagle’s ex.

Michele Balsamonew girlfriend Duda NagleI liked a comment that was interpreted as a indirect to Sabrina Sato. This Monday, the 12th, he left a like on a message saying that Duda would now be with someone on the “same level” as him.

“Now, a woman of the same level! You can see that she has maturity and elegance. Congratulations!”, wrote the follower.

Subsequently, several internet users began to speculate on the likes left by Michele. Many others have asked them to stop commenting on Duda’s ex in a publication about her new relationship.

Duda and Michele started dating on Saturday 10th, after a little help from Sabrina Sato herself. She revealed that Duda was already dating, in an interview on stage at Bar Brahma, in Sao Paulo, during the first night of the Grupo Especial shows.

Sabrina and Duda separated in March 2023, after 7 years together. They are parents of little Zoe, 4 years old.

20 years of Sabrina Sato at Gaviões da Fiel: see the best costumes
20 years of Sabrina Sato at Gaviões da Fiel: see the best costumes

Source: Terra

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