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Felipeh Campos criticizes Bruna Biancardi’s attitude: ‘Cookie Maker’

The journalist Felipeh Campos spills the beans and massacres the influencer Bruna Biancardi on social media

The journalist Philip Campos he dropped the word and blasted the influencer Bruna Biancardi. Last Monday, 02/19, he complained about a comment made by his ex-girlfriend Neymar he did.

Felipeh said Biancardi spoke about the difficulties she faces as a single mother, even though she has help from her family. “What a support network, my daughter? You have a treasure in your hands, don’t you!? You have Neymar’s daughter. I don’t even know how much he pays you in pension, but you have a daughter with that boy,” I’m shooting.

Later, the “Link Podcast” host even called little Mavie’s mother a cookie maker. “Stop being a biscuit maker, Bruna!”, he asked. And he continued: “From then on I think you will have to be careful with these stories, see Bruna!? Because you had the opportunity to have a daughter from Neymar and he should give you a rich pension.”

Bruna Biancardi’s outburst

In the video in question, Bruna commented on the challenges of being a single mother, but stresses that it is a privilege to have a support network. The celebrity also stated that she will begin posting profiles of women experiencing difficulties in motherhood, with the intention of helping them.

“I know how much we need help with these children. I don’t know what I would do without my mother, without my sister, without my father helping me here every day”She said.

Source: Terra

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