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Nicolas Prattes removes his beard and changes his look divides opinions on the internet: ‘He looks like Ken’. He looks before and after!

Sabrina Sato’s boyfriend, Nicolas Prattes, ‘slapped’ his look and appeared on social media without a beard, generating both nostalgic comments from old characters and criticism on the web.

Nicolas Prattes He is one of the leading heartthrobs today. Protagonist ofFuzuê‘, last soap opera at 7pm onwards Globethe actor go out with the beauty Sabrina Sato a few months ago and it constantly becomes a beauty topic, even when she decides to adopt new looks.

In the late afternoon of this Tuesday (02), Nicolas Prattes shared his change of look in Instagram stories and on your X (Twitter) profile. “I’m changed?” she wrote on the photographic social network, highlighting a smooth face, beardless and much shorter hair than usual.

Like this Caua Reymond last weekthe boyfriend of Sabrina Sato divided opinions on social media with her new look. On X, internet users praised and even made fun of the actor’s beardless face: “It looks like Ken” one commented. Another compared Prattes to ‘harmonized Squidward.’

Amid the criticism, a tone of nostalgia took over the publication, as fans remembered his character in ‘All the flowers‘:”DIEGOOOO IS IT YOU?” a follower commented. “Diegooooo”, another reacted. Look at the before and after of Nicolas Prattes in the gallery!

Nicolas Prattes balances his career as an actor and athlete

Owner of a flawless physique who always earns praise on social media, Nicolas Prattes needs to work hard to satisfy his two passions: acting and running. When he records a project, the artist adapts the exercises during his free time, which is few.

“The schedule is crazy, because I can start recording at 6 in the afternoon…

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