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Rafa Kalimann on the relationship with Bruninho: “it’s beautiful”

Rafa Kalimann and Bruninho were spotted kissing recently

Rafa Kalimann also commented on a possible disagreement between Bruninho and João Vicente de Castro over him.

Confirmation has arrived! After many rumors and some incidents, Rafa Kalimann confirmed her relationship with Bruno Rezende, a player on the Brazilian volleyball team – better known as Bruninho.

In an interview with Jornal Extra, the host said she doesn’t want to “fall under the pressure” of labeling what the two are experiencing. Rafa also took the opportunity to comment on rumors that actor João Vicente de Castro had an argument with the athlete over her.

“Oh, guys, do you have to label a kiss on the mouth? He’s not there. We’re getting to know each other, but I don’t want to fall under pressure, nor is it up to us. We’re very steadfast. He’s playing, making his journey. It’s delicious, it’s a person that I admire very much, “he said during the festival of São João da Thay, in Maranhão.

Rafa Kalimann comments on the controversy between João Vicente and Bruninho

The two were seen kissing on June 18, during the Festa do Peão in Americana, inside Sao Paulo. With the circulation of videos on social networks, rumors of a possible romance have increased – thus justifying a jolt in the friendship between Bruninho and João Vicente, which, recently, was also referred to as the Kalimann affair. The two even stopped following each other on Instagram, but got back together shortly after.

“They are friends. I think it was a misunderstanding. I don’t know the story, I didn’t want to get into it. They are friends, they understand each other. I don’t know what really happened there,” added Rafa.

It is worth mentioning that the actor himself came to express himself on the subject and denied any kind of bullshit. On Instagram, he posted a photo next to Bruninho with the caption: “Press: João and Bruninho stop following. João and Bruninho’s face.”

João Vicente and Bruninho |

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