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‘Uncle Paulo’ case: the niece who took a dead elderly man to the bank is attacked in prison and the complaint is shocking. “They threw water and food”

Erika de Souza Vieira, niece of ‘Tio Paulo’ who tried to get a loan from a dead old man in the bank, was attacked in prison; The lawyer intervened to contain the attacks

The case’Uncle Paolo‘ got new updates this Saturday (20th), with the burial of the elderly used by granddaughter Erika de Souza Vieira Nunes TO try to get a loan of R$ 17 thousand in a bank.

Currently detained in Benfica prison, since the crime became publicErika tries to get out of prison with the help of her lawyer Ana Carla de Souza Corrêa. In an interview with g1, the professional, who tries to demonstrate psychiatric treatment of a womanexposed cases of assault suffered by ‘Uncle Paulo’s’ niece in prison.

“Erika suffered retaliation inside the prison. She told me that as soon as she arrived at Benfica, they threw water and food at her“, the lawyer said in an interview during the burial of Paulo Roberto Braga, 68.

Ana Carla de Souza Corrêa also revealed that she asked for her client to be isolated, which was accepted by the penitentiary: “I asked for insurance and she is protected, thank God.” Erika’s lawyer then revealed that the woman only noticed her uncle’s death when Samu arrived on site:

“She suffers from depression and we believe this is what happened. She is Paulo’s niece, she has always lived with him. She took care of him and helped him with her help. Unfortunately he became weak after his last hospitalization . She is a hairdresser and was living on this income. We understood that she needs to be released to take care of her special daughter,” he added.

How did ‘Uncle Paulo”s burial go?

The case of “Uncle Paulo”, which shocked Brazil this week when new information began to be disclosed…

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