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“I canceled the president”: Paris Hilton said she refused to meet with Joe Biden for the wedding of Britney Spears



For 41-year-old Paris Hilton, friendship is more important than business meetings. She admitted this on the air of the latest issue of the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live. In early June, the office of the American president invited the star as a DJ to the Summit of Americas event in Los Angeles, the date of which coincided with the sensational wedding of her close friend Britney Spears and Sam Asgari.

However, Paris refused Joe Biden’s team, justifying this by her unwillingness to miss an important day in her friend’s life. They agreed to make concessions and offered her a private helicopter in which she could travel between the two events, but the star was adamant.

President Biden and his team asked me to come to a dinner party with world leaders, but it was the same night as Britney’s wedding, she explained. the meeting had to be cancelled.

Paris also noted that she experienced incredible emotions watching the marriage of Spears and Asgari.

Seeing her walking down the aisle, this angel who has been through terrible times over the last 13 years and finally found his freedom, was just beautiful.

Then the star was shown a group photo of celebrities present at the wedding, among which Madonna, Selena Gomez, Donatella Versace and Drew Barrymore lit up, and asked which of them got drunk on the holiday more than the others.

It wasn’t even about drinking, it was about dancing and singing. Madonna sang. Selena and I sang. Everyone sang, – she dodged the answer.

Paris noted that she has been friends with Britney for more than two decades. Recall that in the 2000s, party-goers with enviable regularity appeared on the pages of gossip columns of literally all world publications.

We met a long time ago, – the star recalled, – She somehow came to visit my grandfather’s estate, and we hung out together. Since then we have become very close.

Note that Paris Hilton herself recently got married. Businessman Carter Reum proposed to her last February. For almost a year, the lovers were preparing for the wedding, and on November 11, it finally happened (after two years of relationship). Preparations for the ceremony were accompanied by rumors about Paris’s pregnancy, but Hilton denied this information, saying that she was ready to give birth only after the wedding. By the way, Paris has been preparing for motherhood for a long time.

Paris and her husband at Britney’s wedding
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