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Neymar’s third child: Here’s what the player’s father said about Kimberly’s pregnancy, according to Leo Dias

Neymar’s father spoke out about the rumors that influencer Kimberly is expecting the player’s third child, according to journalist Leo Dias. Find out the details!

Neymar is involved in a major controversy over the arrival of a possible third child. The player is already the father of two children, Davi Lucca and Mavie, but rumors suggest that the influencer Amanda Kimberly she is pregnant by the player. The two are expecting a little girl who already has a name. Journalist Leo Dias said that Neymar’s family is already preparing for the arrival of the star’s new daughter and revealed what exactly Neymar da Silva Santos thinks about the situation.

Neymar’s father prepares for another granddaughter

During his participation in a podcast, Leo Dias commented on Neymar’s controversy. The journalist, known for breaking celebrity news, said she had spoken to Neymar’s father about the pregnancy. He reportedly said he intended to help if her girlfriend, who will be called Elenashe is actually the player’s daughter. “Neymar’s family is giving me all their support, I also spoke to Neymar’s father, he said: ‘look, it’s a life, if it’s really my son’s, I think it’s my son’s, we have no problems. in taking for granted, we have money, we will give everything you need‘” revealed the journalist.

Neymar’s sister also spoke about her pregnancy

In addition to Neymar’s father, Leo Dias said he also spoke to the star’s sister, Raffaella Santos . According to him, the influencer is excited about her pregnancy. “She said: “I love Kimberly and the baby will be welcome here”“, he revealed. Rafaella was already friends with Kimberly before pregnancy.

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