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‘The most beautiful woman in Brazil’: Anitta praises the beauty of Bruna Marquezine, calls the actress ‘sister’ and is moved by a moving speech in the USA. I wait!

The friendship we love! Anitta and Bruna Marquezine exchanged numerous compliments at the Variety Awards ceremony in the United States. The singer was thrilled to receive an award from the Brazilian!

Anita AND Bruna Marquezinestole the show at the awards ceremony “The Power of Women”promoted annually by Variety in New York, United States. Singer, who will not participate in the I met Gala this yearhe was one of the winners of the event and who received it with a very moving speech she was the actress, with whom he might have a relationship John Guilherme. The powerful woman, of course, was super excited and even praised her friend!

Bruna Marquezine gives an emotional speech to Anitta

The award chose to honor Anitta together Mariska Hargitay, Shonda Rhimes AND Amy Schumer, highlighting his professional achievements and contributions to social causes. Bruna Marquezine took the stage to present the singer with the award, underlining her impact on music in Brazil and around the world.

“Anitta, you have always maintained your authenticity and your burning passion for music. Your journey is inspiring, full of talent and determination that defies every obstacle. Your songs are anthems of empowerment,” began the ‘Besouro star Azul’, without containing beautiful words for the vocals of ‘Funk Rave’.

“His impact goes beyond charts and Grammy nominations: it is rooted in the spirit of Brazil, igniting a feeling of pride and unity. His influence transcends borders and his music has captivated audiences around the world,” he said. concluded.

Anitta calls Bruna her “sister” and “the most beautiful woman in Brazil”

So, Anitta went to meet her friend and, after a warm hug that only those with “Brazilian blood” know…

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