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In the last stretch of her pregnancy, Miss Brazil 2008 Natalia Anderle passed away after the historic rain tragedy in RS

Miss Natalia Anderle is one of nearly 70 people missing in Rio Grande do Sul after the rain tragedy that has already killed 50 people. The model is 7 months pregnant

Rio Grande do Sul model and Miss Brazil 2008 Natália Anderle, 37 years old and in the final stages of pregnancy, is among the almost 70 missing after the historic tragedy of the rains that hit Rio Grande do Sul since the beginning of the week. Early Saturday morning (4), 50 people were already dead and more than 32,200 could not return to their homes, get celebrities to come together to donate.

The level of the Guaíba river, in Porto Alegre, has reached its highest level, almost 5 meters. A DJ Bárbara Labres has already said that she is desperate at not being able to contact her parentsresidents of Arroio do Meio, a city almost three hours from the capital. Other personalities born in that state are also mobilizing for donations to victims of the state of disaster.

Missing, the young lady wanted to give birth in RS and was surprised by heavy rain

Natália was last seen three days ago in Roca Sales, located in the Vales region, almost 2 and a half hours from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, the Civil Protection informed “Gazeta Web”. “What we know is that she came to visit the family home with the hope of welcoming her son to Roca Sales. We are asking anyone who is in the area and knows the family to please forward information about them if possible.“, said Cleber Rodrigues, head of the company.

Other information shows that Natália’s husband, Eric Thornton, is in the United States, where he was born, and that the young lady, seven months pregnant, tried to leave her home with her family after the water reached the first floor….

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