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Wanessa Camargo and Dado Dolabella are together again! The singer confirms the relationship and declares: ‘Fighting for love’

Wanessa Camargo and Dado Dolabella are dating again! The two have broken up several times over the years, but it seems that they are more “stable” than ever.

Wanessa Camargoended the relationship with Dolabella data as soon as he left the ‘BBB 24’where she was accused of racism – however, the singer seems to have backtracked (once again!). This Friday (10th), a few minutes before making his return to the stage, the pop star which has started a process of ‘Afrobetization’ she admitted that she has rekindled her romance with her old flame.

Wanessa reconnects with Dado: ‘Story of years’

Before going on stage, Wanessa spoke to some journalists present at her presentation in Sao Paulo and confirmed the rumors that she would get back together with Dado Dolabella. “We are already living our story together. Everything is fine. We want to make our own way,” expressed the voice of ‘O Amor Não Deixa’. Both are worth remembering had already been seen in an intimate atmosphere at the party Yasmine Brunet post-reality!

“There’s no need to tell everything. We were already caught together, but today it’s here and everyone will see that we’re officially back. It’s been a story for years! We’re back together, yes. We’ve talked a lot. And we have another chance for us, because it’s not a story from a few days ago. And we can always fight for love,” he added.

Was the breakup between Wanessa and Dado marketing?

As soon as she was disqualified from “BBB 24,” the daughter of Zeze Di Camargo gave a controversial interview to ‘Fantástico’, where she declared that she had ended her almost two-year love affair with Dado. “We ended the relationship. I have a lot of affection for everything I experienced, but now, in this…

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