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“Even if she tries hard, she stays poor,” Eliezer says of Viih Tube’s fortune

The former BBB said he began planning financially after finding out he was going to be a father

Eliezer has a very different financial reality than Viih Tube. The former BBB said she began to plan better financially when he found out he was going to be a father. The influencer compared his situation to that of his wife during an interview on the program On CNN Profit.

“I know that Viih won’t even be poor if she puts in the effort, I know that, but as a father, as a head of the family, I also have to do something to ensure that my daughter is well,” he argued.

He also praised his wife as a businesswoman. “Viih is a visionary, she looks and can see far ahead. She has a very good vision of this market, because she has been through everything, she has been canceled, she has been loved, she has made money, she has lost money, everything has happened to her and she doesn’t let it get her down from negative experiences,” he said.

According to the former BBB, he started earning money after the reality show ended. She acknowledged that hanging out with Viih Tube helped increase revenue: “I started earning money with my exposure with Viih too, because it generated visibility, brands, events wanted the couple because they sell a lot on the Internet.”

However, without guidance, Eliezer almost lost much of the money he earned because he “spent too much.” “We created our team to serve us. It would be nothing without Viih, I would still be partying today. Viih gave me maturity and showed me the path of the stones that would have taken me years to understand, because it is a complicated environment, because things happen, there are many offers, ”he explained.

Eliezer and Viih Tube are parents to 1-year-old Lua and recently announced that their family will be expanding. The influencer is pregnant for the second time.

Source: Terra

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