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What did Zilu say to Wanessa Camargo when he found out she was dating Dado Dolabella again? Behind the scenes of reconciliation there is a new family controversy!

Zilu wants nothing to do with Dado Dolabella. After the end of the relationship, the entrepreneur made clear her discomfort towards her son-in-law and, now that Wanessa has decided to revive the relationship, her position continues: she does not want any type of contact!

Don’t support him! Zilu Godoi stated that he did not want any kind of contact with Dolabella data and he was keen to underline it backstage at Wanessa Camargo’s show. When she was asked if she had pulled her daughter after announcing the resumption of their relationship, the businesswoman laughed and did not hide her disapproval of her for the reconciliation.

“I said, ‘It’s your decision, daughter. It’s your choice, be happy in your own way,'” she said. When asked if she had contact with her son-in-law, Zilu replied: “That’s another thing. The person who has to approve is the Vanessa Subsequently, the presenter was informed that Dado Dolabella wanted to wish her a happy birthday a “happy Mother’s Day” to the mother-in-law, but she rejected the offer. “Thank you very much, but I don’t want to. I have nothing to declare. Everything has its time, and I respect your decision so much, but I have the right not to want it,” she said.

Zilu no longer wants to talk about Wanessa’s expulsion on “BBB 24”

Another topic on which Zilu prefers not to comment further is the Wanessa Camargo’s expulsion from Globo’s reality show. The businesswoman says her attention is now turned to her daughter’s musical career. “I think the year has started again for her, it’s a new beginning and I’m hoping for a lot of success. And she’s doing what she loves and what she likes, that’s what we want from her,” she said.

Zilu also said he welcomed Wanessa as soon as the former BBB member left confinement after assault charge brought by Davi Brito:

“I always and…

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