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‘Baby Reindeer’: Real-life Martha speaks for the first time and takes SHOCKING action post-series. “Total nonsense”

Fiona Harvey, the woman identified as Martha from ‘Baby Reindeer’, revealed she was harmed after the success of the Netflix series and vowed to sue the company and Richard Gadd, who accused her of stalking

The series ‘Little reindeer‘ stopped the world in recent weeks when tell a true case of persecution worthy of famous thrillers. The Netflix production addressed the story of the Scottish actor Riccardo Gaddrepresented as Donny Dunn, where he arrived lose 24 kg for paper.

In “Baby Reindeer”, Donny is pursued by a woman named Martha, who for years is torn between loving him and attacking him with letters, emails and voicemails. Since the series is a real case, Internet users soon began to suspect a woman named Fiona Harvey.

Now, in an interview with the journalist Pierse Morganon a talk show for a British TV channel, Fiona finally talked about what happened in the series “Baby Rena” and was really furious with actor Richard Gadd for the exposure.

“This is completely false. Very, very defamatory to me, very damaging. And I wanted to completely disprove it on this show. I’m not a stalker, I haven’t been arrested, I have no injunctions, no bans. This is complete nonsense“, he revealed during the interview.

Fiona Harvey says she hasn’t seen ‘Baby Reindeer’

Also during the interview, Fiona, Martha of ‘Baby Rena’, admitted that she had not seen the Netflix production, which also rekindled cases of real harassment by fans towards famous people. However, his anger is aimed at his own reputation after the story went viral around the world. Here because, Harvey took a shocking step and said he will sue Netflix.

“He’s lying and they[N[N[N[N

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