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Sabrina Sato: ‘I absorbed the essence of respect and a positive vision of life from my mother’; Light

The presenter participates in the special “Estadão” for Mother’s Day and shares a lesson she learned from her mother, Kika; see the full report

Presenter Sabrina Sato is one of the personalities participating in the Mother’s Day special Estadao. The report asked artists, singers and writers to share lessons or advice they received from their mothers. Watch the full special here.

Check out Sabrina Sato’s full statement:

“From an early age I absorbed from my mother the essence of respect, serious work, responsibility, a positive vision of life. The importance of commitment and dedication shaped my understanding of life and also the way I which I cultivate Zoe’s education with discipline, humility, gratitude, appreciation for family, for others, inherited with all the love from my mother and grandparents. I really like to convey to Zoe the security and encouragement that I received so much from Dona Kika and my family.”

Source: Terra

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