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“Closer to home”: Raphy Pina’s revealing message amid her alleged release

Rafi Pina would give clues his supposed release from prison in an Instagram message posted this Friday, May 10.

According to a report from the Puerto Rican show “I Know Everything,” Natti Natasha’s fiance He would have been released from prison on May 8.

He has reportedly left the Butner Federal Penitentiary in North Carolina and that would have transferred to Miami. Its release date was apparently slated for May 24.

What did Rafi Pina say about his impending release?

A day after ‘I Know Everything’ reported that Raphy Pina was supposed to be released ahead of the apparently scheduled date, the famous music producer released a message that left many of his fans worried.

Closer to home. Family, good vibes and prayers keep the mind and spirit strong. 5/24. God bless you,” he wrote, highlighting his supposed official release date.

However, some received this message as a supposed warning that he would already be out of prison.

Neither he nor Natti Natasha immediately came out to deny or confirm the information released on ‘I know all’.

What is known about the alleged release of Raphy Pina

In “I know everything” it was detailed what it was supposed to be “His release date announced” and that “he had been given permission to release more or less since last week, where he was given permission to leave and come back to sleep in the camp at night.”

It is believed that the producer’s family had traveled to North Carolina to welcome him. Court documents have surfaced that would confirm the apparent release.

It was also mentioned in another report from the same show that Pina would be moved to the “Miami Half Houses”which are community spaces that help people with criminal records reintegrate into society.

In December 2021, his father Natti Natasha’s only daughter, Vida Isabelleit was he was found guilty of illegal gun possession and in May 2022 he was sentenced to 41 months in prison.

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Not even prison stopped Raphy Pina from giving Natti Natasha a lavish birthday present

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