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Nadja Haddad’s husband opens up after losing one of his twin sons

Nadja Haddad had twins prematurely, but one of the babies did not survive

Danilo Giovannashared an emotional moment where she opened her heart and gave a sad outburst after the loss of one of her newborn twins, Anthony.

The children, the result of his relationship with the presenter Nadja Haddad, they were born prematurely and unfortunately one of them did not survive. In a publication that shows the union and mutual support between him and his wife, Danilo recounted the challenges faced by the couple in achieving motherhood.

According to him, the challenges include three years of trying and 38 days of bed rest, 20 of which she couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom. She shared the sadness of losing a child so close to a significant date like Mother’s Day.

Danilo expressed his faith and certainty that this Mother’s Day will be special, but stated that, in his opinion, plans do not always coincide with those of God. He also asked for prayers for the other twin, Joseph, who remains hospitalized. Antônio and José were born premature on April 25th.

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