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Kate Middleton replaced: Two rarely seen members of the royal family were called to help, but one of them refused

While King Charles III slowly returns to his royal duties, this is not yet the case for Kate Middleton, who is keeping a low profile while undergoing cancer treatment. But without Kate, there is less glamor in the royal family. However, the Windsors found someone to turn to in their absence.

We can only imagine that 2024 will end well for the British royal family. At least it will end better than it started. Within a few weeks, the The world learned of the king’s cancer Charles III AND Kate Middleton . Still undergoing treatment, the the king slowly returned to his duties. His daughter-in-law, in turn, you want to stay as discreet as possible until you’re sure you’re feeling better.

So it’s a real absence for the royal family to fill until he returns, especially since they don’t yet know how long his cancer treatment will last. And the next few months promise to be crucial for the royal family, with many events planned.

Garden parties Buckingham Palace, Trooping the Color and moreā€¦ There are many important events to look forward to. Charles III therefore decided to turn to other family members to try to bring with him some of the glamor that only Kate Middleton can achieve.

Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice are called in as reinforcements

King Charles III decided to turn to some of the younger members of the family to replace Kate. He called Eugenia AND Beatrice of York, the daughters of Sarah Ferguson and the prince Andrew. Although Beatrice had already made it clear that she wasn’t quite ready for this adventure, she eventually gave in. She will now attend important royal events if required, despite her desire to focus on her professional career.

Your sister Eugenie is more excited! She will have the …

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