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Maya Massafera’s silence after gender transition surgery: an important reason why the influencer keeps the secret revealed

Maya Massafera has kept her ‘secret’ since she resurfaced on social media following gender reassignment surgery. Find out why:

Maya Massaferais dominating social mediaFrom who posted her first photos after gender transition surgery. The influencer, who attempted suicide before the changehas been widely commented among Internet users, be compared with Cher AND Anita! Besides its appearance, many people are curious to the voice of the new “it-girl” of the neighborhood. To date, she has not recorded any conversations with her followers or other influencers. All in secret and mystery!

Why is Maya “silent”?

According to Leo Dias, in an article published this Monday (13), Maya would have been banned from talking about the topic with anyone. It turns out that the influencer would be the ‘targets’ of some streaming platforms, since his entire gender transition process was recorded on video. According to the journalist, three companies are ‘keeping an eye’ on the negotiation with Massafera!

The vehicle also stressed that negotiations are “difficult,” mainly due to the strong engagement Maya got last week when she returned to social media for good. “The main requirement of all platform directors is absolute silence. […] Very soon Braisl will know the details of Maya Massafera’s birth,” Dias wrote.

The influencer could be featured in a documentary about gender transition

It is worth mentioning that the journalist had already talked about a possible Netflix documentary focusing on the behind the scenes of Maya’s transition. In an interview…

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Source: Terra

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