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Virginia Fonseca gives her brother a car worth R$250,000 as a birthday present

William Gusmão turned 40 and won a Dodge Ram Rampage from the influencer


Influencer Virginia Fonseca surprised her brother by giving him a car worth over R$250,000 to celebrate his 40th birthday. The model is a red 2024 Dodge Ram Rampage pickup truck.

With Virginia Fonseca There are no “souvenirs” and she doesn’t skimp when it comes to giving gifts to her family. The influencer, who has already gone viral for giving her husband a personalized jet, Ze Felipehe chose an inexpensive gift to celebrate his brother’s 40th birthday, William Gusmao. Marias’ mother gave her relative a car worth just over R$250,000 and attracted attention on social media.

Virginia, of course, filmed it all to share with her more than 46 million Instagram followers. On Monday evening, the 13th, she published a video in which she showed the surprise she had given William. The influencer hid the key to her new car in a box with photos of her and her husband, Zé Felipe.

Virginia’s brother, realizing it was a car key, celebrated and said, “I already knew that!” The car she gave is a red Dogde Ram Rampage pickup truck. In the latest model, the vehicle costs up to R$287,000.

What Virginia and Zé Felipe's 35,000-year-old tree looks like
What Virginia and Zé Felipe’s 35,000-year-old tree looks like

In the caption of the video showing the surprise, Virginia declared to her brother: “I admire your way of looking at life and I know that I will always be here for whatever you need! May this new cycle that begins, God give you good health, love, peace, wisdom, success and may He always light your paths. We love you so much! The gift was given on Monday the 13th and William’s 40th birthday was celebrated this Tuesday the 14th.

In the comments, followers praised the gesture of Zé Felipe’s wife. “No one can say they don’t appreciate his family and friends,” one Internet user wrote. Another joked about William’s reaction: “‘I knew it’? Being rich is so nice, a poor person would never imagine (laughs).”

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Gifts of millions

A millionaire on Instagram and in her bank account, Virginia doesn’t mind paying a lot to see her family happy. Even before giving a Dodge Ram to her brother, her influencer had already gone viral for the expensive gifts she gives to her husband.

Last year, when Zé Felipe celebrated his 25th birthday, Maria Alice and Maria Flor’s mother gave the singer nothing more than a personalized jet with stickers referring to the family. “Mom, Dad, Florzinha and Mali”, personalized writing with images of dolls.

Virginia gave a jet to Zé Felipe in 2023

Getting over the jet was so difficult that, on this year’s birthday, Virginia chose to give 26 different gifts, one for each year of Zé Felipe’s life. On the list are clothes, shoes, jewelry and a Rolex watch worth just over R$80,000.

The generosity also extends to the influencer’s mother, Margaret Serrao. He has already received countless gifts from his daughter, but the one that became most viral was the “souvenir” of her birthday in 2021. The influencer donated R $ 56,000 in R $ 100 notes, a thousand reais for each year of life of his mother.

Source: Terra

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