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“I never want to make a movie like this again in my life.” A very famous actor regrets making this fantasy film 40 years ago

‘Legend’ is also one of the actor’s biggest commercial failures

Tom Cruise he has been one of Hollywood’s biggest stars for several decades, although obviously not all of his films are equally good. He himself is quite clear about this and also that there is a specific title that he will regret taking for the rest of his life: “Legend”.

“It was something interesting”

Released in 1985 – but filmed in 1984 – ‘Legend’ was one of the first feature films that Cruise worked on and had more than one problem during filming, an element that the press of the time was cruel to, especially when the premiere had to take place. to be late. This is what the actor commented in an interview during the promotional campaign for ‘Top Gun’.

“First of all, it was exaggerated. The press picked up on it and exaggerated it. It’s a movie. There was a lot of post-production. Ridley Scott made a fairy tale, a revolutionary visual film. I think the studio thought of everything the piece was too romantic, so instead of releasing it, Ridley said, “Okay, let’s go back and edit it and give it a harder look.”

“Legend” was something interesting. I don’t know how Harrison Ford made so many films like that. I mean, I did “The Key to Success” and I thought, “Okay, I’ve done both ends of school.” I did this’. In “Legend” I am a magical character, Jack. The sets were huge. Sometimes we would work on a scene that might last 30 seconds in the film, but it would take a week to shoot. It’s wonderful and beautiful and poetic, and most of the time I was looking at a piece of black ribbon…

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