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Ivete Sangalo cancels tour after problems with producer: “Painful decision”

In an outburst, the singer spoke of a lack of organization and structure, both of which are foreseen in the contract

Singer Ivete Sangalo51 years old, announced on Wednesday morning, the 15th, the cancellation of his tour The party, which marks the celebration of his 30-year career. According to the singer’s team, the “painful decision” was made after some issues with the event’s producer, 30e, which appears to have failed to provide the structure needed – and required in the contract – for the shows to run successfully. safe way.

“Honoring the transparency and accountability that characterize his career, Ivete Sangalo and his office have chosen to cancel the tour The party. The decision, although painful, proved to be necessary because the producer in charge of organizing the shows would not have been able to guarantee the necessary conditions so that the artist’s presentations took place in the way in which they had been conceived, with excellence and the security promised and agreed”, reads an excerpt of the report released by the Ivete team.

The text also explains the reason for the cancellation of the tour, underlining that the singer prefers not to carry on with the project rather than put her audience at risk: “The main motivation for the idealization of the ‘A Festa’ tour was the The singer’s desire to share the celebration of her 30-year career in style with audiences in every corner of the country, strengthening the bond and commitment she has built over three decades with her fans. But realizing a project of this magnitude takes commitment of a complex structure, which would only be achievable if there was an adequate level of planning and organisation, which would guarantee, with the necessary notice, all the conditions promised, foreseen and agreed in the contract”.

In the same statement, the team underlines that Ivete Sangalo is grateful for the affection of the fans and hopes to be able to count on everyone’s understanding. It also provides details on how ticket buyers can get their money back.

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9 times that Ivete Sangalo revealed herself to be the queen of Carnival

On his Instagram profile, using the stories function, Ivete also chose to speak directly to his followers. In her videos she appears serious and regrets the turn things have taken, once again underlining her commitment to her honesty with her fans.

“Right now, for me, it’s very difficult, because it’s a dream and a very special moment in my 30-year career. And the next step is always to put into practice these ideas, this dream, this love, obviously linked and agreed with the pillars of my life. In my work, the seriousness with which I take things, responsibility and transparency are fundamental and precisely for this reason. [cancelamos]”, claimed.

OR Earth look for contact with the 30e manufacturer. The report will be updated in case of response.

Source: Terra

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