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Adriane Galisteu dreams of another child at age 51 and says she is inspired by Claudia Raia

The presenter, however, specifies that her husband does not approve of the idea; they are already parents of Vittório, 13 years old

Adriana Galisteu, 51 years old, mother of Vittório, 13 years old, says she wants to have another child. The inspiration comes from another famous person, the actress Claudia Raia, who became pregnant again at the age of 55, in 2022.

“The only thing I regret is not having another one [filho]. Claudia Raia is my total reference”, she said on Tuesday 14th in an interview with João Silva, son of presenter Fausto Silva.

According to her, however, her husband and businessman Alexandre Iódice is not a fan of the idea. “The problem is that my husband doesn’t want to. So I have to see how much trouble I want to get into at home. If I have to force it, I’ll hit him in the stomach,” the presenter joked.

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Vittório also got used to being an only child. “He demanded, demanded, demanded, now he understands that he is an only child. For a long time he was the only grandson, the only grandson… When I talk about it, he says: ‘I’m fine now, mum’. But mum, no,” he said. added. .

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