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Was Adela Noriega and her brother arrested after 16 years of absence? The photos go viral

A series of photos of Adela Noriega with her brother Alejandro They have gone viral on social media as they are being presented as the actress’ supposed comeback 16 years after she starred in her last TV work, ‘Fuego en la sangre’.

Images showing the actress walking the streets of Los Angeles, United States, accompanied by her brother, have caused a stir and intrigue They would show what the actress would look like at the moment.

Many reacted to the debate on whether the photos of the supposed reappearance of the protagonist in soap operas such as “Amor real”, “The privilege of loving” and “Quinceañera”, are real.

Adela Noriega reappeared in photos 16 years after her public disappearance?

The release of these images adds to the many theories with which her fans have tried to solve the mystery of the 54-year-old actress’ whereabouts after she suddenly disappeared from the entertainment industry.

These photos are real, but they were taken on July 1, 2009, in Beverly Hills, describes the Grosby Group, the agency that released the images.

Where is Adela Noriega?

Since her starring role opposite Eduardo Yáñez in 2008, Adela Noriega has not appeared in public. However, in 2018, given the rumors of alleged cancer, it was her sister Reyna Noriega who broke the news about the actress.

“My sister is in good health at the moment, it was assumed that she was sick but no, she has illnesses like any other person, there is nothing to worry about. She had a kidney problem recently, we think someone may have seen it in the hospital and that’s why they started gossiping Adela is healthy and committed to her personal life”, he had told Basta newspaper at the time.

That same year, journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante confirmed that the actress had started a real estate business and was living in Polanco, Mexico City.

“Out of respect for his individuality and his privacy, I’m not going to say where, I know what building he lives in. She is dedicated to real estate. He has a real estate company and he has land and he has apartments and he has houses. I think he doesn’t go out, they don’t see him in restaurants, malls, anywhere,” he said.
In 2021, during her participation in a reality show, Alicia Machado revealed where Adela Noriega supposedly lives.

“No, he lives in Weston (Florida). Sometimes you find her there,” he said.

In October 2023, speculation about whether Hassan Kabande Laija, better known as Featherweight, was Adela’s son became a topic of discussion.

However, producer Carla Estrada took it upon herself to refute them.

“Who knows (where this rumor came from) because Featherweight doesn’t even look like Adela… I think there are creative people out there,” said the producer, who shared that she lost touch with the actress four years ago.

Source: univision

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