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Former BBB 24 Juninho returns to work as a motorcycle courier: “He pays his pension”

The former participant of Big Brother Brasil 24, Juninho, had to return to his profession as a motorcycle courier in Rio de Janeiro

Former BBB 24 participant, Juninho, he had to resume his profession as a motorcycle courier in Rio de Janeiro. He said he was unable to support himself on program money alone.

In an interview with CARAS Brasil, he reported: “The return [para o trabalho de motoboy] It was necessary to pay the essential expenses of my routine, such as the maintenance I pay for my daughter Maria Clara”.

He continued talking about his debts: “They are emerging timidly, but due to some contractual restrictions I cannot continue with some”.

Will you continue in the influencer business?

He also said that he wants to work with his image: “I’m totally interested in working with my image, I’m starting a theater course, I’m looking for opportunities in soap operas, it’s become a dream come true, even though I haven’t had a formal job for years, I have work in the delivery and application sector transport for years, there has never been a formal connection”.

Source: Terra

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