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Belo will perform on BH with a song about divorce by Gracyanne Barbosa

The song has been added to the show’s repertoire and promises to excite the artist and fans

Singer Belo, 50, added the song I change, released shortly after the announcement of the breakup with Gracyanne Barbosa, in the repertoire of the show which will take place on Sunday 19th at the Esplanada do Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte. It is one of the attractions of the Samba Prime festival.

In the lyrics of the song, Beautiful clearly speaks of separation. In addition to him, Umberto Tavares, Jefferson Junior and Rodrigo Oliveira wrote the song. “Look at us while we lose ourselves. And this love is almost dying. But, if the fault of everything is mine, I change, I change”, says an excerpt of the song.

This year Samba Prime will be divided into two days. On Saturday 18th the crowd will rock: Péricles, Menos é Mais, Dilsinho, Pixote, Kamisa 10, Mumuzinho, Revelação and Di Propósito. On Sunday 19th there will be Belo, Sorriso Maroto, Ferrugem, Turma do Pagode, Tiee and Legado. For those interested, tickets for the event are being sold online and cost from R$95.

What happened between Belo and Gracyanne?

Handsome, singer and influencer, on stage

Singer Beautiful AND Gracyanne Barbosa They were together for 15 years. The end of the marriage was initially reported by journalist Lucas Pasin. At the time they had already been separated for 8 months. According to speculation by Internet users, the main causes would be the alleged infidelity of the fitness muse and the division of assets and debts.

The personal trainer Gilson de Oliveiraseen as the linchpin of separation between Gracyanne Barbosa AND Beautiful, came to talk. In an interview on the lawyer Joabs Sobrinho’s channel, conducted by actor Raul Gazolla, he stated that he had a six-month relationship with his muse, between February and August 2023. According to him, at the time, Gracyanne was married on paper, but separated for a few months.

In the video, lawyer Joabs Sobrinho also revealed that Gilson was fired from the gym where he worked under pressure from the pagodeiro. The singer’s manager reportedly went there to ask for the dismissal of the staff, claiming that the relationship with Gracyanne Barbosa was damaging the image of the couple and the academy.

The day after the announcement of the separation, Beautiful he became emotional on stage while performing the song Reinvent, during the first show of the Soweto reunion tour. Behind the scenes, a Multi-show, explained that he was going through a delicate moment in his personal life and ended up crying. “It’s a very big emotion, right? I’m going through this moment too, a complicated moment, a very difficult moment.”

Personality and bodybuilder: here is Gilson, alleged lover of Gracyanne Barbosa
Personality and bodybuilder: here is Gilson, alleged lover of Gracyanne Barbosa

Source: Terra

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