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Susana Vieira reveals fight against incurable disease: ‘I am at peace with it’

The actress commented that the transplant would not solve the problem and that she tries to deal with the situation in a positive way

The actress Susanna Vieira, 81 years old, revealed on Sunday the 19th that he suffers from an incurable disease: chronic lymphocytic leukemia. According to her, it makes no sense to undergo a bone marrow transplant and, despite the not very encouraging scenario, she finds herself at peace with this state of health.

“It’s obvious that as you get older you worry, [mas] I am at peace,” he said. Susanna Vieirain an interview with Fantastic. During the chat she also commented that he deals with another blood disorder, autoimmune hemolytic anemia.

Despite health problems, he said his entire personal life enriches his characters on TV.

“There is something spiritual that enters me and makes me play these characters. Maybe I can put aside the sadness of my personal life, of not often having a successful marriage, or of having gone through moments of illness, I can be happy because here, in the studio I am more alive than ever.”

Susana Vieira at the Fantástico studio

At 81, he can’t see himself stopping working. She is disciplined, she eats well and has a desire to live. “The discipline that brought me to this day. At 81, being like this, that’s discipline, that’s gymnastics, that’s mental.” Furthermore, she is still open to romance and is far from aesthetic procedures. “I train, [mas] I eat everything. This thing of doing things to my face doesn’t get my attention because I didn’t need it.”

Susana’s last work on Globo was in 2024. She played Cândida, owner of a brothel in Terra e Paixão. During the chat with the Sunday program, she took the opportunity to lament the character’s untimely death. “I couldn’t die at all. I died so angry. I can’t, I think it’s stupid to kill myself in a soap opera. It’s the public who loses out,” she joked, who has had a career spanning more than 50 years.

Source: Terra

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