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SBT updates the health status of Roque, Silvio Santos’ right-hand man: ‘Stable’

At the age of 87, a stage assistant was hospitalized with an intracranial hemorrhage in the frontal region of the head

Gonçalo Roque87 years old, former animator of the auditorium at SBTHe had his health status updated on the morning of this Monday the 20th. Earththe broadcaster’s press office reports that it remains stable.

Roque has been hospitalized since Saturday the 18th, when he felt ill during a family lunch. On the same day he was admitted to the Santa Elisa Hospital, in Jundiaí, in the hinterland of São Paulo, with an intracranial hemorrhage in the frontal region of the head. In the situation, he was accompanied by his wife, Janilda Nogueira.

“He is stable, subjected to further in-depth tests, as when we arrived at the emergency room x-rays were taken. The doctors found a small hemorrhage in the front part of the skull. He spent the night well”, informed the woman of Rock through the team of SBT last Sunday, 19.

Roque’s story

The stage entertainer rose to fame during the golden years of Silvio Santo to the SBT. In addition to working with the audience, he was known to have some exchanges with the host during her programs.

Since he was no longer active at the station, Rock He was hospitalized a few times. In 2017, a valve was implanted in his head to treat hydrocephalus and he has been monitored ever since. In October 2023, his wife shared a photo of him in a hospital bed, which scared fans.

“Maria moves on. Project Roque, make sure her tests are all normal and stop scaring us,” he wrote, without providing details about what happened. In the comments feed, many wished him well. “God willing, it will be nothing,” one follower said. “Get well for him, have faith that everything will be okay,” another admirer said. “God willing, he will come out of here to brighten up our Sundays,” wished a third.

Currently, at 87 years old, Rock is not active in any program, but remains contracted with the SBT.

Source: Terra

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