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Larissa Manoela sold corn on RJ beach: ‘Carioca was born with a degree in marketing’

The seller is wearing a blouse printed with the actress’s face and the phrase: ‘Mom, give me money to buy corn’

A corn seller working on Lim Beach, IN Rio de Janeiroit went viral on social media after I started using it Larissa Manoela as the “poster girl” of your shopping cart.

The person who showed the image to his followers was the digital influencer Pedro Certezas. The seller wears a blouse printed with the actress’s face and the phrases: “Mom, give me money to buy some corn” and “Boy, give me some corn.”

The uniform and stroller design references the fact that Larissa Manoela broke off her relationship with her parents due to their management of her career and finances.

In August last year, the Fantastic released an audio of the artist asking for money to buy corn on the beach. “Hi dad. Can you make a transfer to my account so I can pay for the corn, the ice cream, the companion here on the beach, please,” she said.

On social media, Internet users praised the seller. “Cariocas are born with a degree in marketing,” one joked.

Source: Terra

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