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Ana Paula Siebert makes a controversial confession about Rafaella Justus at the beginning of her relationship with Roberto Justus and the web criticizes: ‘Jealous of a child?’

Internet users criticized Ana Paula Siebert after the businesswoman revealed her jealousy over the relationship between Roberto Justus, her husband, and her daughter, Rafaella Justus. Understand!

Jealousy! About to celebrate your 15th birthday with a party, Raffaella Giusto he confessed that he was jealous of his fatherAna Paula Siebert at the beginning of their relationship. The influencer ended up admitting that she shared the same sentiment at the time and she ended up being criticized on social media.

It’s not normal for a grown man to be jealous of a child he had with his father,” one person said. “For a child to be jealous of a new person who comes into his life it is normal to be jealous, for a woman to be jealous of her boyfriend’s daughter is not normal,” another criticized. “Jealous of a child?” asked another. “The teenage stepdaughter is more mature than the adult stepmother,” said another.


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