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Carla Diaz reveals she once had a crush on Bruno Gagliasso: ‘He was a chiquitita’

Carla Diaz spoke openly about the topic for the first time

Carla Diaz revealed a secret about Bruno Gagliassowho is the husband of Giovanna Ewbank. The actress told the program Who can’t shake himselfof GNT, who once had a platonic crush on the actor.

He had to list three passions of his adolescence and mentioned: “Brad Pitt, John Mayer and… Bruno Gagliasso!”. Giovanna laughed and asked: “Is he really gone?”. Carla sincerely confirmed: “Was!”.

Fernanda Paes Leme praised Carla’s honesty: “I liked it! Sincerity is everything in this game”. Carla also mentioned her childhood: “I was a chiquitita”referring to the first version of the 1990s telenovela, where he worked with Gagliasso.

Giovanna hugged Carla, saying: “Oh, how beautiful! Bruno, how beautiful!”. Apparently the presenter did not feel offended or embarrassed by the situation.

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