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Maya Massafera breaks the silence and speaks for the first time about the dysphoria crisis

Maya Massafera vented about the affair on social media

This Wednesday, the 22nd, Maya Massafera He used stories on his official Instagram profile to talk about the bouts of dysphoria he had in Cannes, France.

The 43-year-old influencer vented about the topic and spoke to her followers about what she’s been through since her gender transition process.

“I have so much to talk to you about!!! And I want to tell you everything and everything about my transition process!!! But everything in its time. To tell the truth, I would have preferred to have stayed “out” longer. But how it started I a lot of distorted news leaked out, I thought it was best to come forward and deal with it all, in fact, until I couldn’t hold on for long, I spent almost a year in transition, without anything leaking out,” he began.

“Like I said, I will talk to you about everything. But today I want to talk to you about my dysphoria and how I would like you to take this example and bring it into your life!!! Everyone has good things and bad things, for example I have the negative side of having ‘wasted’ 40 years in a body that didn’t belong to me and I have the ‘good’ side of having made the transition away from everything and everyone. continuous.

“I spent months in bed, without strength and I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t dedicate all that time. However, one of the bad things that torment me is dysphoria. I remind you that I speak only for Maya. I don’t speak for all trans people, I don’t generalise. To begin with, I have to explain my state of mind, I have never been so happy in my entire life!!! He said.

“Talking to my doctors and psychologist, I understood that this ‘happiness’ of mine is the normal state of the majority of the population. Everyone who is born and identifies with the body they were born with has this state. I will probably get used to it to my gender and this happiness of mine will become normal, as it is for you!!!”, explained.

“Having said that I am and am a very happy person, in my happiness, sometimes I have happier moments and sometimes sad. Like everyone!!! Sometimes, out of nowhere, or for some reason, I have very severe dysphoria. This started when I started transitioning. The doctors told me that it is normal for many trans girls to experience this feeling in the first years of transition!!! he also said.

“I’m sharing this with you, because I don’t want to just post clothes and jewelry!!! I want and will be a real person and influence you in a positive way!!! I’m tired of this ‘fake life everyone has on Insta’ When I said If take my example, you won’t get paid that much!!!”, he asked.

“My trip to Cannes is wonderful!!! However, there was one day when I didn’t leave the room due to dysphoria. There was one day when I put on makeup, took photos and I just wasn’t went on the red carpet because I was too afraid of judgement”, confessed.

“To end this discussion on dysphoria, at least for today, I am GREAT!!! I am happy!!! But I have my overwhelming moments. But I guarantee you that you too have your problems, different from mine… With this I leave a message: don’t cover yourself so much and don’t believe and compare yourself to people on Insta, because we only “see” the good part that the person wants to show and I promise you that Maya will be a positive influence”, finished.

I wait:

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