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Maya Massafera breaks the silence and speaks for the first time about the crisis of dysphoria after the transition: ‘I prefer to be alone and not let anyone see me’

Maya Massafera spoke for the first time about the gender transition process that lasted about a year. After an episode of anxiety at the Cannes Film Festival, the influencer commented on how she is dealing with image dysphoria: “The doctors told me that it is normal for many trans girls to feel this in the first years of transition!”

Maya Massafera spoke out for the first time after fans were concerned by news that the YouTuber had suffered a dysphoric attack at the Cannes Film Festival, in France. Satisfied with the outcome of her transition, the influencer explained that it’s common for many trans girls to experience a mix of feelings in the early years of transition.

“Today I want talk about my dysphoria and how I wish you would take this example and bring it into your lives! Everyone has good things and bad things, for example I have a negative side having “wasted” 40 years in one body that didn’t belong to me and I have the ‘good side’ of having made the transition away from everything and everyone. I was able to give myself this ‘luxury’,” Maya began.

“I really prefer to be alone and not be seen by anyone”

Subsequently the influencer assured that this was indeed the case satisfied with the transition processbut that dysphoria is a negative point.

“First I have to explain my state of mind. I have never been so happy in my entire life. I wake up happy, I am a person in a happy state! After the transition I love myself! Talking to my doctors and psychologist, I realized that my ‘happiness’ is the normal state of the majority of the population. Everyone who is born and identifies with the body they were born with has this state. I will probably get used to my gender and my happiness will become normal, like it is for you,” she added.

He then added that sad moments happen “suddenly” or “for some reason.” “Eats…

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