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Globo manifests itself by vetoing the article by Luva de Pedreiro


“The injunction violates the freedom of the press and of expression,” the broadcaster said in a statement.

Iran Ferreira, known as Luva de Pedreiro, gave an interview to TV Globo’s “Fantástico” to talk about the recent controversy involving his former manager, Allan Jesus.

After revealing on social networks that he had lost access to his profile on TikTok and WhatsApp, and columnist Leo Dias revealed that he would only have R $ 7,500 in his bank account, the influencer decided to open the game. about the troubled relationship with the then businessman.

But the interview with Luva de Pedreiro had some parts of a veto, because justice granted an injunction at the request of Allan de Jesus. During the program of this Sunday 3, Poliana Abritta spoke about the incident and read a statement from the broadcaster, in which it is clarified that “TV Globo understands that the injunction violates the freedom of the press and of expression”.

“On Friday, TV Globo was notified of an injunction granted to Allan Silva Jesus. In the decision, the judge prevents the disclosure of confidential information on the contract between the two and prohibits any demonstration that favors hate speech against the former man of “business. TV Globo does not condone hate speech and threats are unacceptable in any situation. Disagreements on contractual issues must be decided by the judiciary”, said the presenter.

“Journalism investigates all sides of the news with impartiality and produces knowledge of the facts. It is society’s right to have access to all relevant events. TV Globo understands that the injunction violates freedom of the press and expression, pillars of democracy and protection. from the Constitution. Therefore, he will appeal against the decision. In compliance with the judicial decision, the report that we are going to show now will not have the information set by the veto of the injunction “, he added.

The article aired on “Fantástico” chronicled Luva de Pedreiro’s successful trajectory and addressed the conflicts between him and Allan de Jesus. The program also featured an excerpt from a report by the former manager of “Esporte Espetacular”.

According to the report, there is a high fine for Iran for breaking the deal with its former manager, and the influencer confessed to signing the contract without the supervision of a lawyer. In addition, the young man also talked about his financial situation.

“All the money I asked for, I borrowed. I owe seventy contos too. A boy there I bought a ball, you know? I didn’t have it, I owe him. I still have to pay the boy,” he said, who has also reported other problems. “I couldn’t do what I wanted, I couldn’t go out with my friends, I couldn’t record my stuff, I couldn’t release the songs I like.”

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In addition to ‘Fantástico, Luva de Pedreiro also spoke with the program’ Domingo Espetacular ‘, on Record TV, which also received an injunction from Justice vetoing certain parts of the interview.

On social media, Iran has talked about the veto and said they are “trying to shut up” the mouth. “Here, my troops, now that’s what happened: they are trying to shut my mouth, to tell the truth. I heard it, it was I who suffered. Everyone knows it, at the Globe and at the Record. He won. “doesn’t happen anymore. They are trying to shut me up. Who is afraid is why they should. But that’s it: they are trying to silence me. It’s blurry, guys. I’m outraged, “he vented Instagram Stories.

The influencer also explained that Globo is “trying to solve” the situation to show the material in its entirety. “They are trying to cut the part where I tell the whole truth. But Fantástico is trying to solve it and see if it will pass., It is telling the truth,” she revealed.

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