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Is Julio Preciado’s daughter suffering from a ‘high risk’ pregnancy because she only has one kidney after donating the other to her father?

Is Julio Preciado’s daughter suffering from a ‘high risk’ pregnancy because she only has one kidney after donating the other to her father?

Julio Preciado spoke in detail about the condition of his daughter, Yuliana, who is currently undergoing a “high-risk” pregnancy.

It was last May when the singer revealed that the youngster had to be rushed to hospital due to complications.

“They had to admit her because she started shedding (amniotic) fluid and was very sensitive. They were about to take the child out, but bless God, he held on,” he told “Ventaneando”.

Weeks after this situation, the artist shared how she and the baby, who is about to be born, are now.

Julio Preciado talks about his pregnant daughter’s health condition

In an interview for the “Sale el sol” program, on May 28, Julio Preciado admitted that the pregnancy was complicated for Yuliana.

“Two months ago he started having problems. “It’s been a very difficult pregnancy, especially for her, obviously because she suffers from it,” she said.

“It’s a high-risk pregnancy. Fortunately, it was not possible to throw away all the amniotic fluid, half was thrown away and half remained and the baby has been kept with this fluid,” he added.

The interpreter of “Two leaves without direction” pointed out that he morally supports the expectant mother, who remains in “absolute rest”.

“He is exactly 34 weeks today, he would only have two weeks left. “I know it’s hard and I talk to her every day and encourage her because at the end of the day it’s her first baby,” she said.

“It’s a new experience for her. “I noticed that he’s desperate, he’s crying a lot, I think that’s understandable,” he added.

Preciado pointed out that doctors advised Yuliana not to deliver her baby prematurely because being in an incubator “is not the most viable” and would be “at risk.”

Julio Preciado and his daughter prepare to give birth

Considering Yuliana’s condition, Julio Preciado clarified that they will have a specialized team of doctors for when she gives birth.

“A doctor from Guadalajara comes to the birth, trusted by Dr. Julio (Ramos), who, by the way, will be the child’s godfather and wants to be on top of everything,” he explained.

Julio Preciado’s daughter has a high-risk pregnancy because she only has one kidney?

Although in February 2020 the young woman donated a kidney to her father, he assures that this was not a factor creating conflicts in the pregnancy.

“Things are falling into place and my grandson, Lorenzo, is being born well. His name will be Hector after his father and Lorenzo after Lorena, my wife. I said, “Julio, not anymore, please,” she confessed brightly.


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