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MC Binn’s cousin, who stayed with Lucas Buda, discovers the pregnancy: “70% sure it’s his”;  the former BBB denies it

MC Binn’s cousin, who stayed with Lucas Buda, discovers the pregnancy: “70% sure it’s his”; the former BBB denies it

Lucas Buda has assured that he will take the DNA test even though he knows that there is no possibility that he is the father


Nina Capelly, MC Binn’s cousin, has announced that she is pregnant and is betting on the possibility that the child could be the son of Lucas Buda, a former member of the BBB with whom she had a brief relationship. The capoeirista denies paternity and is willing to undergo DNA testing when possible.

The personal life of Luca Buddha continues to give people something to talk about, even after BBB 24 ends. This time the news is about a possible baby. This is because the singer Nina Capellywho is the cousin of the former BBB MC Binn, declares that she is pregnant and bets on the possibility that the child could be the capoeirista’s son. The two lived briefly deal immediately after Reality show, but they are no longer together. After Nina’s statement, Buda said he was willing to take a DNA test, but didn’t believe he would be the father.

MC Binn’s cousin contacted the magazine Who to share the news. When she was having a romance with Buddha, it was the funk singer who revealed the relationship on social media. OR deal everything ended soon after and, since then, Nina has started a relationship with her manager, Ketlin Hernandes. For this reason she believes that there is a possibility that the child belongs to the capoeirista.

“I’m 70% sure it’s his. I’ve been alone with him until now, and I assumed it [um relacionamento] with my manager, there is no way I can get pregnant with her,” she argued. Nina also said she had not been in a relationship with another man before her ex BBB: “Just before I met the Buddha, I ended a four-year relationship, but when I was with the Buddha, I wasn’t with anyone anymore. ”

Capoeirista participated in BBB 24

Even with the possibility of the baby being her ex-boyfriend’s, MC Binn’s cousin believes the baby would be Lucas’s. Therefore, after the shock of seeing the positive pregnancy test result, he tried to contact the capoeirista. However he didn’t get the response he expected.

“I’m a little tearful. I tried to contact Lucas. He didn’t want to talk to me. I wanted to speak to him directly, I sent him an audio explaining everything. I’m very sensitive,” he said Who.

Nina Capelly defends the paternity of the former BBB because, according to her, all sexual intercourse took place without a condom. To the magazine, the funk singer also recalled taking the morning-after pill after having an affair with Buddha.

This is not the singer’s first pregnancy. At 28, MC Binn’s cousin is the mother of a 6-year-old boy. Lucas Buda has no children. The capoeirista is single after an eight-year marriage Camila Mourawho asked for a controversial separation after feeling betrayed by the relationships between him and Giovanna Pitel inside the house.

Camila Moura asked for separation when Buddha was still confined

Wanted by the magazine, the former BBB also spoke about Nina’s pregnancy. Contrary to what he says, Buddha does not believe he is the child’s father. However, the capoeirista made himself available to undergo a DNA test.

“It is a very delicate topic and one that I have always talked about because I never knew my father. This news saddens me a lot because there is no possibility that the child is mine. In any case, I am available to do the DNA test as soon as as soon as possible to confirm it through legal means,” he said.

Source: Terra

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