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Kelly Key before fame: From the ‘Barbie Girl’ phase to the ‘maromba’ phase, the singer has changed A LOT over the course of her career. See 27 photos!

Kelly Key has had a very successful career and major transformations. Now that she is 41 years old, she has already changed her hair, body, personality and this sequence of photos that we have separated proves it. Watch!

Singer Kelly key he has an extensive career that began as a presenter of TV in the programSamba, Cia Pagodas.‘, from the TVGlobo , in 1999, when he was only 15 years old. At the time he signed as Kelly Ka and shared the stages with Snacks AND Paola’s nephew.

The success of the program was so great that Kelly began to be approached by producers to also become a singer along the lines of Britney Spears . And it didn’t take long for her first single, ‘Escondido’, to start having success on the radio in 2001.

It was only a matter of time before Kelly Key, now with her current name, dominated Brazil with bubblegum songs, with easy lyrics and very popular among teenagers. The shots came ‘Dog’, ‘Adoleta’, ‘Baba’ AND ‘I’m Barbie Girl‘, which became popular again recently with the release of the movie “Barbie”..

In the following years and decades, the singer’s career was a complete metamorphosis, alternating sporadic returns to music, TV, three pregnancies and a new personality: themarombeira‘. Dedicated to fitness life for a long time, Kelly Key was even accused of using anabolic steroids, dividing opinion with her responses.

Kelly Key fitness: the before and after and the controversies surrounding the use of anabolic steroids

By dedicating herself to training for at least a decade, Kelly Key has completely changed her body since the golden era of her career. Even though she has always had a skinny body, the singer enhanced her curves with muscles, exuding a beautiful shape that…

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