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HEY? King Felipe VI is accused of having been Queen Letizia’s lover

HEY? King Felipe VI is accused of having been Queen Letizia’s lover

Politician Jaime del Burgo has returned to speak about the extramarital affair of the Spanish queen

The Spanish royal family continues to draw international media attention, this time at the center of a controversy worthy of a movie. This is because the lawyer James of Burgo he exposed the alleged troubled beginning of the relationship between Queen Letizia and the King Philip VI.

Previously, in December 2023, the lawyer, ex-husband of Thelma OrtizLetizia’s sister, had said that she had had a relationship with the current queen between 2010 and 2011. He would marry her sister the following year. Meanwhile, Letizia had already been married to Felipe for 6 years. Jaime and Thelma married in 2012 and ended their relationship in 2016.

However, it seems that the situation has changed, because, in an interview with the Argentine daily Clarín, Jaime del Burgo stated that, in reality, the lover of the story was not him, but King Felipe VI. This is because, according to him, the monarch conquered the former journalist while the two were engaged: the two became friends in 2004, the year in which Letizia and Felipe got married.

“I don’t think I have anything against Letizia. I don’t. We shared many years of our life together. We were a family,” declared. “As I always said, our relationship was not a relationship between lovers. The lover would be him. I’m talking about Felipe”added Giacomo. “We planned our future together and wanted to start a family”He added.

Furthermore, the politician stated that Letizia had asked the Spanish royals to escape and confirmed that they had actually tried.

Finally, it is worth noting that Jaime del Burgo claims to still be in contact with Queen Letizia, having last spoken to the monarch in May of this year. The Spanish royal family has so far not commented on the allegations.

Source: Terra

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