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Former Rouge member Karin Hils reveals she had an abortion early in the band: “I chose to follow my career”

Former Rouge member Karin Hils reveals she had an abortion early in the band: “I chose to follow my career”

Karin Hils spoke out for the first time about the miscarriage she had more than 20 years ago, when she started Rouge. Read more:

Karin Hill, former member of the iconic group RedI made one surprising outburst about his past. In a recent interview with the podcast ‘Pod, Não Pod ou Depend’, he recalled the artist the beginning of the band that defined generations and spoke about a miscarriage she had at the time. “I chose to pursue my career,” she admitted honestly.

Rouge formed in 2002 on the reality show “Popstars”, broadcast on SBT. The program involved the formation of a five-member female musical group and, for this, had the jury choose the future ‘divas’ from 30 thousand girls from all over the country. During 20 episodes, the candidates aged between 18 and 25 faced several elimination tests. Finally, Aline Wirley , Fantine Thó, Karin Hill, Smooth AND Luciana Andrade were selected. The dream began there.

Karin claims she miscarried shortly after joining Rouge

Karin came from Paracambi, in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, and at just 20 years old she saw her world change completely. After signing a contract with Sony Music, she became an essential part of one of the biggest phenomena of Brazilian pop music of the 2000s. Something however “prevented” her from fully concentrating on her career: a pregnancy. “Here I will say something that I have never said anywhere. In fact, I was already a mother. As soon as I entered Rouge, I had an abortion. Two or three months after joining the group, I got pregnant,” Hils said.

“Life is about choices and I chose to follow my career. I didn’t have much time to think…

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