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The Prosecutor’s Office reveals the cause of death of Carlos Salcedo’s sister: the details of the case

The Prosecutor’s Office reveals the cause of death of Carlos Salcedo’s sister: the details of the case

The Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Mexico issued a press release to report that on the evening of the 4th of July they arrested the two “most likely involved in the deprivation of life” of Martha Paola Salcedo, sister of soccer player Carlos Salcedo.

They also revealed details of the investigations and the cause of death of the 33-year-old presenter.

What did Paola Salcedo die of?

According to the information, “the victim took his life from shooting with firearmsafter she objected to having her belongings confiscated before getting into her vehicle after attending a circus performance with her son.

After the impacts, the businesswoman She fainted and a doctor helped her who was at the scene, who took her to a hospital where she was treated, but later died.

I agree with you results of medical report and autopsy It was found that “the victim presented three injuries and; The cause of death was caused by a blunt injurious agent, especially from a projectile fired from a firearm penetrates the chest area and rupture in the right lung“, is detailed in the report.

“Forensic chemistry tests were also carried out with negative results for the victim”, it is explained.

The alleged killers of Paola Salcedo are arrested

The authorities managed to arrest Miguel Ángel ‘N’ alias ‘El Pecas’ and José Iván ‘N’, “for their possible involvement in the deprivation of life of a woman with the initials MPSH, recorded on the evening of June 29, in the municipality of Huixquilucan”, in the state of Mexico.

The facts of the alleged attack on Paola Salcedo

According to the investigations, Martha Paola Salcedo Hernández was leaving the Gran Circo Bardum with her 4-year-old son and her caregiver.

When they approached to get into her truck, the two subjects stopped her on a motorcycle without license plates and threatened her with a gun to take her belongings, at which point he shot her as he fled.

“The arrested were placed at the disposal of the Judicial Authority within the Penitentiary and Social Reintegration Center of Tlalnepantla, in order to settle their legal situation,” the prosecutor’s bulletin states.

Although the motive refers to an alleged attack, various media such as the Telediario news program reported that the authorities are continuing their investigations and are not ruling out other possible lines of inquiry, after Paola Salcedo’s mother, Mrs. Isabel Hernández, accused her son Carlos Salcedo and his wife, Andrea Navarro, that they are “the spiritual authors of Paola’s murder.”

Source: univision

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