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Anitta responds to criticism for tattooing a family constellation; understand

Anitta responds to criticism for tattooing a family constellation; understand

The Federal Council of Psychology is against the technique, which is considered therapeutic and has no scientific support

Anita took to her Instagram Stories to respond to comments she deemed “controversial” in relation to her new tattoo, which alludes to the call family constellationa technique considered therapeutic and without scientific support. The Federal Council of Psychology [CFP]in fact, it has already expressed an opinion contrary to the practice (see below).

“There’s me in the center, the little doll with the little heart, which means that I always have the strength of love inside me. On one side there’s the dad, on the other the mom. And these little stars mean, for me, the family constellation, the other members of my family,” she explained, speaking of the new design on her skin.

The singer also stressed: “There are many people who don’t like family constellations. It depends on each person. There are things that are good for one and not good for the other.”

“This tattoo is like a symbol of family constellation, a therapy that has helped me a lot in my life, to be happy, to live more fully and to understand things in life that are sometimes difficult for us to understand,” continued Anitta.

What is Family Constellation?

Family constellation is a practice considered therapeutic, practiced in groups or individually, to resolve family conflicts. To do this, the dramatization of situations is used, in which participants interpret the patient’s family history. The technique was developed by the German Bert Hellinger (1925-2019).

In March 2023, the CFP issued a technical note advising psychologists not to use family constellations. The organization specifies that the practice is in conflict with the Professional Code of Ethics of the Psychologist as it “can lead to the sudden emergence of states of suffering or psychic disorganization, and that the method does not contain sufficient technical knowledge to manage such states”.

Furthermore, the CFP indicates that the theoretical foundations of the family constellation “also include a reading of the place of childhood and youth strongly marked by a tendency towards naturalization, the absence of rights and subjection towards parents, ignoring the norms of the Conciliar System of Psychology”. and the Statute of Childhood and Adolescence (ECA) itself”.

Anitta responds to criticism for tattooing a family constellation; understand

Source: Terra

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