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Is Irina Baeva not leaving “Aventurera”?  The actress would continue to work, but there would be changes

Is Irina Baeva not leaving “Aventurera”? The actress would continue to work, but there would be changes

Juan Osorio reported on July 4 that he was coming changes to the “Adventurer” setting.after the controversy caused by the performance of Irina Baeva as the protagonist.

The producer told Televisa Espectáculos that “on July 18, the the new “adventurer”the same day that Nicola Porcella will premiere.” He also revealed that on August 3 his son Emilio will perform with La Sonora Santanera.

Is Irina Baeva not leaving “Aventurera”?

On the evening of the 4th of July, Juan Osorio reiterated to the press that they took the criticism into account and there will be restructuring at workalthough he did not mention that the Russian actress would be left out of the project.

“You attacked with everything. We’ll have to see, but let’s wait for that news. You must see it adjustments we need to make, changes we need to make Well, we’ll see, right? I think we are under renovation“.

However, the names of María León and Vanessa Guzmán were suggested to replace her, but “influencer” Chamonic shared on July 6 that Gabriel Soto’s fiancee will continue in the projectsince they would only make some changes, including hiring another choreographer.

Irina Baeva is not leaving the project, they will only update her wardrobe to become more attractive as before; Nicolás Porcella is also joining the work, so they say it will be a new ‘Adventures’.

The “influencer” claimed that the producer remains steadfast in the lead role of Irina and “They have it with extra rehearsals and they also changed the choreographer”.

Irina Baeva will be “destroyed”

The Russian’s involvement in ‘Aventurera’ is full of speculation. Although it was speculated that he would no longer be part of the job, he is now rumored to be continuing on the project.

On July 5, entertainment journalist Michelle Ruvalcaba said, on her YouTube channel “El Mich TV”, that Irina will be “devastated” by the criticism and her supposed departure from “Aventurera”.

“They said it was a nice-talking situation, that there was no rudeness, that Irina is devastated by the pain, that I was destroyed by sorrow, why He felt bad because as an artist he had not given the latitude“.

The wave of speculation will be unleashed on July 18, when Juan Osorio will present the “new Adventures”.

Source: univision

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