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Irina Baeva reacts like this after reporting that Gabriel Soto was hospitalized in an emergency

Irina Baeva reacts like this after reporting that Gabriel Soto was hospitalized in an emergency

Gabriel Soto expressed concern about the state of his health late this Saturday, July 6, after producer Gerardo Quiroz confirmed that the actor he was hospitalized as an emergency moments before giving a performance of the show “The price of fame” in Mexico City.

It got really bad“To be honest, very bad,” he told journalist Carlo Uriel in audio shared by the communicator at X.

He presented vomiting, unstable pulse, high blood pressure“The pressure was very high and there was respiratory failure,” he added in other statements cited by Mexican newspaper El Universal.

While this was happening, the actor’s fiancee, Irina Baeva was performing “Adventurer” at Los Angeles Hall in Mexico City. The couple have been embroiled in a controversy after it was speculated that they had split up.

This is what Irina Baeva did after Gabriel Soto was hospitalized

According to a review published by People en Español, the Russian was approached by several media outlets upon his departure from the show “Aventurera.”

“She tried to question her about what happened to her boyfriend, but He didn’t want to watch the press and left from the scene without making any statement,” the agency said.

However, presenter Ana María Alvarado posted on X: “Gabriel Soto ended up in the hospital, Do you know who went to see it? Irina Baeva!he assured.

The communication did not give more details about the alleged presence of the artist at the hospital where her fiance was taken to the emergency room, who presented apparent “hypertension” and “partial respiratory failure”as reported by journalist María Luisa Valdes, from the Multimedios network.

Irina Bayeva did not immediately comment on social networks about the state of health of Gabriel Soto. The actor also remained silent after his condition became known.

How is Gabriel Soto?

At midnight this Saturday, July 6 in Mexico, Carlo Uriel, Alex Kaffie and María Luisa Valdes reported that the 49-year-old actor he would have already been discharged and would be at home recuperating.

It is unclear whether Irina Baeva would be with him after several Mexican media reported in recent days that The couple reportedly no longer share the same roof.

They have been in controversy for the past few weeks since becoming known photos and videos of Gabriel Soto and Cecilia Galliano together which led to speculation of an alleged romance between them.

After the scandal, the producer Gerardo Quiroz assured that it was all an alleged arrangement as part of a promotional “strategy” for the project he is producing with both actors.

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Irina instead of Geraldine? The similarities to Gabriel Soto and Cecilia Galliano’s feud

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